24/7 Control.

Collateral Management (“CMA”) is the securitization of products pledged as security to a financing party.  To ensure 24/7 control over products, we have a physical presence on site during working hours and make use of seals, locks and keys to secure and monitor the stock after hours.  On-site record keeping is done in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.  Daily stock reports are sent to GCC Head Office for verification and reported to the client as per contractual requirements.

GCC makes use of a custom Electronic Commodities Management System (eCom) to issue non-negotiable warehouse receipts.  These serve as proof of goods under GCC’s control which facilitates the funding process by a financier.


Physical verification of goods during a periodic attendance.

Stock Monitoring (“SMA”) is a periodic attendance at a storage facility to determine the stock position as at the time and date of such attendance.

 GCC’s Inspector conducts an ad hoc attendance to verify physical stock on hand and also records receipts and dispatches.  Upon completion of the inspection, a stock survey report is issued to indicate findings.